our story

On December 17th, 2020, the "Edelsinn" opened at Thaliastraße 91, in the heart of Ottakring (the 16th district of Vienna).

But how did it happen? Exactly in the C crisis and the lockdown's - up's - down's?

Gerlinde Trux is behind Edelsinn. Actually a passionate screen printer (www.siebdruck-halbritter.at), she grew up as a child in her mother's gemstone business and took over the business in 2010 after her parents gave up the gemstone shop in favor of her own print shop.

In June 2020, the proposal came to take over the existing gemstone shop of a mutual acquaintance who was unfortunately seriously ill.

The idea was good - however, 6 months of conversion work were still necessary to turn the old shop into a bright, energetic feel-good shop.

Mission accomplished!
On December 17th, 2020 the time had finally come!

Has Edelsinn been able to win a wonderful lady who takes care of the creative displays and new collections, which are lovingly handcrafted in Vienna, with passion and dedication. New collector's items are carefully selected and fresh ideas and developments are constantly being worked on in the shop.