base mix

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Amethyst activates the skin's connective tissue and helps the skin to store moisture better.

Rose Quartz: It is good for the cardiovascular system, promotes blood circulation and makes the skin soft and velvety.

Rock crystal is said to calm the central nervous system, have a relaxing and harmonizing effect.

This stone mixture is considered the basis of water revitalization and is also known as the golden triangle. 


• Use: The size of the stone mixture is ideally matched to our glass bottles. You can use it to quickly and easily produce high-quality stone water yourself. Of course, the stones can also be used in other ways.

• Quality: tumbled stones.

• Size: The size of the stones varies between 1.5cm and 5cm.

People have always been fascinated by stones. Not just because of their beauty, but also because of the power they emanate. Stones can give more inner harmony, relieve tension and influence radiation. Therefore, they are traditionally a part of holistic therapy and are used in many areas. Stone water is a simple and very good application. The stone mixtures consist of stones of the best quality. Depending on the application, unpolished and untreated natural stones or tumbled stones are used.

Please note, however, that the effect of healing stones/precious stones has not been scientifically proven and that a doctor or naturopath should be consulted for all illnesses, with whom the use of stone water should also be discussed.