The zodiac sign Virgo belongs to the signs of the earth and the dominant planet is Mercury. The color of the Virgin is thus by shades of green Determined. The healing stones for the zodiac sign Virgo are mostly of a grounded character and green color. “Only what I do myself is well done” is the motto of the Virgin, as the middle of the zodiac signs. When between the 24th August and the 23rd Born in September, the virgins have the claim to themselves to be very precise and to complete a task to their fullest satisfaction. To others, this often seems a bit stubborn and meticulous.

Whether as a pendant, as a rough stone for the desk or as a drum stones in the water carafe-THE right stone is always the best choice.

The properties of the Virgin strengthen the following stones:

  • Serpentine Flexibility
  • Lizardit security
  • Tiger or cat eye balance
The weaknesses of the Virgin compensate for the following stones:
  • Charoite structure
  • Rutile quartz and tourmaline quartz focus
  • Rubelite (Red Tourmaline) -Serenity

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