The zodiac sign twin belongs to the signs of air and the dominant planet is Mercury. The color of the twin is thus determined by shades of yellow. The healing stones for the zodiac sign Zwilling are mostly golden in character and yellow in color.
"If you have nothing good to say, say nothing" is the motto of the twin.

There to the Twins Heard the language, they can also do a lot with a wisdom from Hinduism that reads: "Nothing is so important as to be careful with language, because language shapes life and the future."
Born between the 21st May and the 20th Juni collect knowledge and are passionate about making new contacts. Thinking and research characterize the constellation Gemini.
Whether as a pendant, as a rough stone for the desk or as a drum stones in the water carafe-THE right stone is always the best choice.

The properties of twins strengthen the following stones:

  • Gold topaz (Imperial Topaz)-Binding
  • Pyrite self-reflection
  • Yellow fluorite concentration
  • Amber grounding
  • Citrine joie de vivre

The weaknesses of the twins compensate for the following stones:

  • Tiger Eye Clarification
  • Aquamarin - Fokus
  • Yellow jasper responsibility

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