Header löwe Sternzeichen mit Steinempfehlungen

The zodiac sign Leo belongs to the signs of fire, and the dominant planet is the Sun. Lioness are the sun children of the zodiac signs. Yellow and brown tones support them optimally. True to the motto: “I am! I want to! ”The lion powerfully implements his goals and is bursting with zest for action. Whether as a pendant, as a rough stone for the desk or as a drum stones in the water carafe-THE right stone is always the best choice. 🦁♌️

♌️ The characteristics of the lion strengthen:

  • Citrine Freedom
  • Ortho class-Mut
  • Yellow calcite-righteousness
  • Yellow fluorite openness
  • Yellow & Brown Tourmaline (Dravit) -Harmony
♌️ The weaknesses of the lion compensate for the following stones:
  • Kunzite modesty
  • Diamond/Herkimer Self-Knowledge
  • Tiger Eye Confidence
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