Aquamarine tree

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Aquamarine tree on a rock crystal base

That. 16 cm

The aquamarine symbolizes peace, brings spiritual growth and helps with depression. It also strengthens self-confidence, not only gives vision and prudence but also perseverance. It gives resilience and lets you finish what you start.

The aquamarine supports the zodiac signs Aquarius, Libra, Pisces and Gemini

The rock crystal is THE healing stone par excellence. he is ein a catalyst on the way to our self and creates clarity and order. It supports the calming of the mental state and a more harmonious alignment with the higher self. This large healing stone removes blockages and harmonizes the energy system, i.e. it strengthens suppressed or too weak aspects of consciousness and softens excessively strong parts of our self.

The rock crystal is particularly associated with Capricorn and Gemini, but is generally equally important for all zodiac signs.